Monday, April 13, 2009


my bad. i neglected this for a long time. oops..

so you know you're famous when anything with your face or name on it sells.

i went into 711 to get an apple. they had obama water. straight up, the packaging, the set-up, everything was cheap. the people who come up with these products are probably making bank with it. you smart fucks...

here are some other products that you might encounter.

if i could morally force myself to sell this to people, this would be my shit right here. CHI CHI CHI CHIA, SON!

i noticed that i read that twice and couldnt help thinking that the obamania potentially sounded like a STD.

he's gone global now.

One of George W.'s favorites.

k. best thing while you're high?

Wheat Bread.
Peanut Butter.
Strawberry Jam.
Whipped Cream.

A cup of milk and you're set...

btw. here's a video.
April Fool

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