Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 is over

Some words just need to be put to rest. If you were ever around the garbage that the radio spews out, you probably heard phrases or words that artists/rappers banked on to get them through an otherwise bland year in music.

I dont know how many songs contain this word but if you're like me, you probably got sick of hearing it after the first time. Made infamous by the "Swagger Like Us" track, it just snowballed from there.

My personal favorite is Hot Dolla - "Switch Ya Swagger Up". Hot Dolla really does need to switch it up cause he looks like a walking black male stereotype. Does this guy look like he's got swagger? Crotch grabbing's a good look, son.

Go Hard/Going Hard
Damn, I know how much you like to "go hard", Khaled but damn! Maybe its just a bit too much, you think? When I started hearing this phrase, I thought it was a cool phrase but me, I could never pull it off. As soon as DJ Khaled put it on a beat, it became the THING to say.

I can't hate on ya, Khaled; you make some NASTY beats. Those polos go HARD though, Joey. You gotta tell me where you got them.

It Ain't Trickin If You Got It
Now this phrase, I shouldn't even have to explain it. cause everyone knows..

Foreign Money
As if rappers regurgitating a millie million ways to describe money wasnt enough.. If you really think about it, it wasnt till late of this year that people decided that dead presidents couldnt satisfy their need for ridiculous ways to talk about money. Gotta move on to that new shit if the shit you're on is worth less than its Canadian counterpart. (I wouldnt even wanna compare the USD to the Euro lol)

Arab Money
sounds mighty delicious right now. TITTY TANKS IN 2009!!

Autotune/Auto Vocoders
Oh My Lord, this shit needs to die. I know this isnt a word or phrase in a song but I can't be the only one out there that thinks it got old. FAST.

Zapp & Roger - Dope

T-Pain - Dope

Kanye West/Lil Wayne/Ron Brows - NOPE!


Nothing like a crowd singing "Pop Champagne" to his well-deserved trip.

signing off

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